With the Fire Groove studio closed down you may be wondering where in the world you can go to learn fire dancing anymore? Well look no more as Love in the Fire has a few options for instruction in the flow arts that might just ease your mind no matter where you are, or what fire dance level you are at. For a full list and to sign up for classes, privates, or worldwide workshops please view our instruction page at Love in the Fire

Love in the Fire offers various forms of instruction including private lessons, group lessons, online tutorials, one-on-one skype, festival workshops, summer camp lessons, and worldwide workshops and retreats. Our tools of the trade include Poi, Staff, Double Staff, Contact Staff, Fans, Fire Eating, Dragon Staff, Fire Fleshing and Painting, Hoop, Rope Dart, and Meteor Dart. We also offer a full safety course including hands on experience extinguishing fire tools and understanding how to be the safest fire dancer we can possibly be. Without a good ratio of safe and knowledgeable fire dancers in this world our passions will be at risk!

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