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Welcome Fire Groove Gear - World's Best Site To Buy Fire Dance Equipment & To Learn Dance Fire Performance

Fire Groove Gear specializes in creating hand-made high quality fire dance equipment for the performer and hobbyist alike. We take pride in each creation and have tested our products with thousands of fire dancers to create our props to the highest standards. Fire Groove Gear is owned and operated by Lester Mooney who is one of the original founders of the business in 2005 and one of the 3 Fire Groove siblings (Hannah, Kamala, and Lester). He has been building fire props for over 13 years now and has over 15 years of fire dance experience. Samantha as a professional fire dancer for 5 years and an avid flow arts enthusiast she understands the ins and outs of the community. She is an expert seamstress and owner of Movement Creations.

Fire Groove Gear is dedicated to flow arts and has been for over a decade of high quality performance grade fire dancing equipment. Our fire dance equipment is built in Los Angeles California and we encourage you to stop by our showroom of poi, staff, torches, fire fans, carbon fiber, technora, hardware, and kevlar.

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